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On October 27, 2017, Bill said, "I support medical marijuana, but I'm secretly hoping my doctor prescribes medical single malt scotch."


Swing Set Wins Album Of The Year

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Eight O'Five Jive won two Nashville Industry Music Awards. As a a group, they won Best Blues Band, and their second CD, Swing Set, won Album Of The Year. In celebration and to give back, Eight O'Five Jive will donate all the proceeds of both its albums, Swing Set and Too Many Men, in the month of September to MusiCares' Hurricane Relief Fund.


Eight O'Five Jive Nominated For Two NIMAs

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Eight O'Five Jive's second CD, Swing Set, has been nominated as Album Of The Year by the Nashville Industry Music Awards, and the band has also been nominated in the Best Blues Band category. These are the band's seventh and eighth NIMA nominations and they've won four times over the past three years. Voting is open to the public at the Nashville Industry Music Awards website through the month of July 2017.


Eight O'Five Jive Releases 2nd Album

Friday, January 27, 2017

Red Rudy Too Tunes is proud to announce the release of Eight O'Five Jive's Swing Set, their sophomore release, on January 27, 2017. Recorded at The Jive Hive in Nashville, TN and produced by the band, Swing Set features 10 originals plus a creative re-imagining of Rudy Green's "My Mumblin' Baby." The grooving rhythm and witty, tongue-in-cheek lyrics of swing tunes and jump blues on Swing Set can be counted on to infect some controversy, humor and joy. The album is already receiving unanimously positive reviews, with RMR Roots Music Reports giving it four stars and Reflections In Blue noting its "Superb songwriting, immaculate musicianship and a true love for the music."


Eight O'Five Jive Wins Best Blues Band NIMA

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Not only is it Bill's birthday, but Eight O'Five Jive has won the Nashville Industry Music Award for Best Blues Band. This is their fourth NIMA is three years. Bill was in New Englind visiting family on the night of the ceremony, but the rest of the band gave him a shout out and sang Happy Birthday on the stage.


Eight O'Five Jive in International Blues Challenge Semi-Finals

Monday, February 1, 2016

The 32nd (2016) International Blues Challenge was held January 26-30, 2016 in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee in the Beale Street Historic District. Eight O'Five Jive made it to the semi-finals and played some additional showcases. Bill said, "It exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways. I had hoped we'd make it to the semis and I'm really glad we did, but to see the other bands from around the world was the highlight for me. They're all so good! I'm proud that we as a band can hang with those big dogs." He continued, "Besides the music, we met a lot of great people. Some are fans and some are industry folks, but they're all interesting and interested. There was a lot of love in every room we played. And some good BBQ, too!"


Eight O'Five Jive to Represent Nashville in the International Blues Challenge

Sunday, October 25, 2105

Eight O'Five Jive won tonight's Blues Challenge sponsored by the Nashville Blues Society and advances to the International Blues Challenge. The renown and prestigious IBCs will be held in Memphis from January 26-30, 2016.


Eight O'Five Jive Wins Two NIMAs

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Eight O'Five Jive took home two awards from the 2015 NIMAs. The Nashville Industry Music Awards is a celebration of Middle Tennessee's independent music, with awards in many genres as well as some overall categories. Eight O'Five Jive won the Best Blues Live Performers and Best Blues Artists awards, and were also nominated for Album Of The Year and Artist Of The Year.


Eight O'Five Jive Wins Best Live Blues Performers

Sunday, August 24, 2104

Bill and his band, Eight O'Five Jive, won the 2014 NIMA award as Best Live Blues Performers. The Nashville Independent Music Awards are a yearly event and tonight's ceremony featured awards for, and performances by, artists of many genres.


Eight O'Five Jive In Rust Magazine

Friday, May 23, 2014

Rust Magazine interviewed Eight O'Five Jive in May of 2014. It's posted on YouTube.


Bill Is Profiled On No Treble

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Treble, the web site for bassists, features Bill in its Player Spotlight. The weekly column profiles professional and amateur bass players from around the world, and asked Bill about why he plays bass, his influences and his bass superpower.


Bill Asked to Join Blues Society House Band

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bill is now in the house band at the Nashville Blues Society's weekly jam, every Sunday at Carol Ann's Home Cooking Cafe, 407 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville. The jam is open to the public and anyone who wants to play can just bring their instrument, sign up, and play with other Nashville musicians. The jam starts at 6:30pm and runs until everyone gets a chance to play. The house band features guitarist Andy T, keyboardist Larry Van Loon, drummer John Salaway, harmonica player Perry Welsh, and now Bill Bois on bass.


Sneak Peak: Bill Appears In Brian Dowd's Instructional DVD

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brian Dowd, session player and drummer for Josh Thompson, is releasing a drum instruction DVD. Called "Brian Dowd - In Session," it features Brian playing different genres of music with different groups of musicians. The Country segment is The J.C. Andersen Band performing "When The Tide Rolls In," featuring Bill on bass. The videos of it and the other songs are already available on YouTube and the DVD itself will be released in February 2012.


The J.C. Andersen Band to Headline Punkin' Chunkin'

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ever see flying pumpkins? You will if you come to Punkin' Chunkin'!

Punkin' Chunkin' is the annual world championship pumpkin throwing contest. Every fall, thousands of people come to watch as competitors use catapults, trebuchets, air cannons and other contraptions to throw pumpkins well over half a mile.

And like every year, there's a big stage with live music. Past entertainers include Charlie Daniels and Jo Dee Messina. This year, the headliner on both Friday, November 5th and Saturday the 6th, is none other than The J.C. Andersen Band. On both nights, we'll start playing at 7:30pm, right after the fireworks. We're very excited and hope you can make it to Bridgetown, Delaware for a long weekend of pumpkins, music, silliness and an all-around great time. See the official site for details.

Also, watch the Discovery Science Channel on Monday, November 1st, for highlights of the 2008 and 2009 Punkin' Chunkin's. Highlights from this year will be broadcast later in the month. See the Discovery Science web site for informative videos.


The J.C. Andersen Band on Balcony TV

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The J.C. Andersen Band performed their song "Scars" on Balcony TV last month. Bill says, "The first take we did had to be scrapped because four fire trucks and two ambulances went wailing by nine stories below. On this one, you can hear roofers hammering on the next building over. J.C. almost cracks up when they start but he holds it together."


Live Laura McGhee Videos

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two videos of Bill playing with Scottish singer, songwriter, guitarist and violinist Laura McGhee have been posted to the Web. First, Bill backs Laura on acoustic guitar on Balcony TV. With the famed Nashville skyline in the background, they perform "Ain't Convincing Me" from Laura's Celticana CD.

The other video is of Laura and a full band performing at the Billy Block Show on September 8, 2010. Included in the group are J.C. Andersen and Doug Williams from The J.C. Andersen Band on harmony vocals and guitar respectively. A short review of this show is at Shows Big And Small.


X Takes The Square Music Appears In New Independent Film

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two songs from Bill's project X Takes The Square appear in the new film Chess Soup, a production of the independent studio Never Settle Films based in Texas. Both songs, "From Sex To Serious" and "Trouble," were originally released on the Goddess Of Cool CD. Screenwriter and producer Aaron Settle heard "From Sex To Serious" on XM Radio and knew it was perfect for Chess Soup, which he was in the midst of writing. However, he didn't catch the name of the artist and continued listening to XM for a couple days until the song came on again. At that point, he Googled X Takes The Square and got in touch with Bill, who was happy to let the studio use the songs.

"Aaron's script does a really good job capturing the awkwardness of dealing with the opposite sex in your mid-twenties," says Bill, "regardless of whether you're male or female." Bill went on to say that he was especially pleased that "From Sex To Serious" plays under the final scene of the movie and continues through the closing credits.

Goddess Of Cool is available at bandVillage. As always, X Takes The Square will donate a dollar of every sale to Oxfam America for ongoing hurricane, earthquake and tsunami relief.


Episode 3 of JCAB-TV

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

JCAB-TV Episode 3 traces the songwritng process. From three guys in a room coming up with ideas to recording the initial demo versions, watch to see how it's done. There's also a bit of a practical joke played on our drummer Brian Dowd.


Episode 2 of JCAB-TV

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The second episode of JCAB-TV features our day canoeing down the Caney Fork River in Tennessee, the amazing dancing of our drummer Brian Dowd, and the band preparing for our industry showcase. Check it out at YouTube. It's the lounge!

Also take a look at recently found footage of Brian and J.C.'s invention of The Miami Shuffle.


Free Music!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The new and improved version of gives you the chance to get some of Bill's music for free. Simply go to the Music page and fill in the form. It asks for the email addresses of three of your friends so we can let them know they can get some free music too. Not only do you get three free songs, you help spread the word about The J.C. Andersen Band and Bill's music. Thanks!


The Debut of JCAB-TV

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The J.C. Andersen Band is happy to announce the first episode of JCAB-TV. We hope to have more episodes every few weeks or so. Please check it out, along with our other videos, on the official J.C. Andersen Band channel on YouTube.

Episode One shows some of the backstage goings-on the night we won the Wildhorse Saloon House Band Search. And then we pick on Kevin. He doesn't deserve it at all and he was a really good sport about the whole thing.

Another video you might want to take a look at was taken by one of our super fans when the results of the Wildhorse House Band Search was announced. The video is here.


The J.C. Andersen Band Wins the Wildhorse Saloon House Band Search

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here's the short version: we won!

The J.C. Andersen Band is the new house band at the Wildhorse Saloon. We can't thank you enough for coming out and clapping and dancing and screaming. I think it was the screaming that won the judges over.

This means we'll be playing at the Wildhorse a lot, with shows of our own and warming up for national acts coming through town. It's the biggest and best stage in downtown Nashville, and the crew there is really fun to work with. They've posted a press release at And if you want to see what the club looks like, check out the Can You Duet? series on CMT. It was filmed at the Wildhorse.

Winning means we get to play a showcase for record labels. We don't know when it will be but stay tuned and we'll let you know.

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of my bandmates and team. They are simply amazing in both talent and personality, and I'm thrilled to work with them and to have them as friends. These boys rock.


New SOTW song on MySpace

Friday, June 26, 2009

Seasons Of The Wolf have posted a new song called "Solar Flare" on their MySpace page. Bill co-wrote the track and it will appear on the band's next CD, Last Act of Defiance, which will be released in 2010. More information is on their Web site


The J.C. Andersen Band Wins Preliminary Round

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Six bands competed during the first of five preliminary rounds in the World-Famous Wildhorse House Band Search Contest and at the end of the night, The J.C. Andersen Band qualified for the finals. The band will compete with other qualifying bands on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at the Wildhorse Saloon, 120 Second Avenue, Nashville, TN.


J.C. Andersen is on iTunes

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The title track of J.C. Andersen's CD, When The Tide Rolls In, is now available on iTunes at It's part of the Best of the Next GAC Star compliation. You can also check out the video for the song that got him to the finals right here.


Early Psycho Recordings Reissued

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welfare Records has released a compilation of everything Bill's early hardcore punk band Psycho recorded between 1982 and 1986. Available on either one CD or a two LP set, the 45 tracks include the 8-Song EP, the 6-Song EP, Son of 8-Song EP, the Hosebags from Hell LP, a few compilations tracks and 11 previously unreleased demos.


The Catalyst Video Game Soundtrack

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bill's original soundtrack for the video game Catalyst Deluxe is now available for digital download! Get the game (For FREE!) at Lost Luggage Studios.

The soundtrack contains longer versions of the songs heard in the game, as well as a bonus track that isn't in the game at all. Download it for 99 cents a song or $4.49 for all five at bandVillage.


Bill Featured on New Seasons Of The Wolf CD

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Underground indie metal band Seasons Of The Wolf have released their fourth album, Once In A Blue Moon. Bill plays bass on two tracks, the dark rock song "In The Shadows" and the progressive instrumental "Alien Landscapes." The CD is available at


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